All Bliss Presses have been engineered to provide high levels of performance, functionality, and reliable operation under demanding conditions.

Some of the features of our Bliss line of stamping presses include:

  • Built to meet or exceed JIS Class 1 accuracy standards.
  • Rigid, fabricated steel frame helps to maintain better accuracy and provides increased tooling life by minimizing deflection.
  • Precision machined gears, forged steel crankshafts and other drive train components are designed for smooth power transmission, quiet operation, and long life.
  • Cieco press controls (other options available)
  • Ross brand dual air valves meet all safety requirements, and are easily serviceable if required.
  • Electrical lubrication and pneumatic components are name-brand, and readily sourced locally.
  • Siemens variable frequency drive allows fine-tuning the press speed to best suit the application.
  • Powered die height adjustment in .1 mm/.004” increments provides fast, accurate tooling setups.
  • Fast-acting hydraulic overload protection system helps to prevent damage due to tonnage overload.
  • Automatic monitored grease lubrication system helps to increase the life of bearings and slide ways.
  • T-slotted slide face and bolster helps to provide easier clamping of tooling.
  • Leveling mounts help dampen vibration and increase tooling life by helping maintain slide-to-bolster parallelism.
  • Standard and High Speed stamping presses available today!
  • Full one year warranty, parts and service from BCN Technical Services.

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