Bliss C1-200 Mechanical Stamping Press

Bliss C1-200 One Point Gap Frame Mechanical Press (High Speed)

Press Tonnage (US Tons): 220 | Bolster Area (in): 55.1 x 32.2

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  • An electronic device used to monitor the tonnage created when a press is making a part.

    • 3500 $

    Mechanical devices used to hold the upper die to the slide.

    • 10000 $

    Lifting devices built in to the bolster that raise and lower the die as needed for installation or removal.

    • 15000 $

    Hardware and software to establish communication between the press and automation.

    • 2500 $

    Pneumatic device installed underneath the bolster plate, commonly used for parts ejection.

    • 12000 $


Bliss one point mechanical press composed of welded frame, and American componentry (CIECO controls, Lubriquip/Graco lubrication systems, Ompi pneumatic clutch and brake system, light curtains, Ross clutch valve, and leveling pads).

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