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Bliss Coil Feed Line

Bliss coil feeding lines have been specifically developed to meet the needs of customers in the supplier sector.

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The product range comprises various high-performance models of our coil feeding lines which are suitable for all press types.

Main features of the Bliss coil feeding line:

  • Line design without hydraulics
  • Coil width: 12 inch
  • Coil thickness: 0.019–0.023 inch
  • Safety fence as an option

Robust, compact coil line featuring all essential functions in quality. Streamlined, ergonomically optimized design with clear symbols, enabling simple operation and extremely easy maintenance

The Line Components:

Decoiler. The uncoiler is designed for coils with an outside diameter of up to 63inch. The coil is drawn off from above across the hinged feed table. Loading is handled by a crane or stacker. The decoiler is expanded manually. The coil is restrained by a pneumatic pressure roller.

Straightener. The lower straightening rollers ensure continuous coil transport in forward mode and also enable the coils to be rewound when reversed. Additional feed and extraction rollers support the processing of various coils. Optimum straightening results are achieved through manual individual adjustment of the two upper straightening rollers. A bending roller at the threading wedge ensures smooth threading.

Loop equipment. The loop equipment is located between the straightener (running continuously) and the roll feed (cycle mode). The loop control ensures sufficient loop quantity between the two roller cages. An innovative Flex Loop serves as the loop bridge in the expanded state, while simultaneously supporting the easy formation of loops. Operation is simply by means of a hand crank.

Roll feed. The roll feed, which advances the coil material on the infeed side, is attached to the press by means of an attachment bracket. This enables flexible adaptation to the press feed height. It is driven by a servo direct drive unit at the lower roller. Both feed rollers are hard chromeplated and rapid ventilation of the upper roller is actuated pneumatically.

Additional information

Max. coil weight [t]


Outside coil diameter [inch]


Coil width [inch]


Yield strength Re [N/mm²]


Max. coil thickness [inch] steel


Max. coil thickness [inch] aluminum


Max. material cross-section [in²]


Straightening speed [fps]


Maximum acceleration [ft/s²]


Straightener feed and extraction rollers


Number of straightening rollers



Bliss coil feeding lines have been specifically developed to meet the needs of customers in the supplier sector.